*My name is Lane
*Hi Waz up and Welcome to my page
~Fan of~
*Soul Eater / SE Not (duh :p)
*Fairy Tail
*And other random stuff
*take a look around and ask me anything you like or if you want to get to know me don't be shy i will answer back , but if its perverted i will kick your ass. k :p
*Oh and i do not own these photos unless i say i do. If you want to know who drew it or where i got them let me know and i will tell you :) k
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Cute picture!! Sadly I dont know anything about more Soul Eater NOT. If the manga is continuing I can only assume that at some point we'll get more episodes but who knows.

Aw thank you. I love your cat icon xp its soo cute!!! yea thats true. lol i dont know whats going on i kept hearing a movie like when maka and the others are older…? idnt know lol but thank you for responding back to me :)

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